Sunday nonsense

I didn’t post this weekend for the following reasons:

Living situation drama,

Cold weather,

I ate too many cookies,

I went to a baby shower, and I don’t really do babies,

I had to sew,

I had to finish homework,

I had to watch a documentary so I could send it back to netflix,

I found good clothes at Old Navy, finally,

And I slept far too much.

Back to my regularly scheduled posting tomorrow.

I’m excited, though, because I got a bunch of great books in the mail from Amazon, like:

Forbidden Bodies, and Fat History, and some others. I also finished up CJ Pascoe’s new book, Dude, You’re a Fag, a queer theory book that looks at the meaning of the word fag and masculinity. Turns out the epithet of fag isn’t so much about gayness as it is about perceived femininity in supposed masuline bodied folks. Check it out if you’re into gender studies.

Lastly, N made great breakfasts two time this weekend and the house still smells like bacon. And I ate spinach twice this week, a miracle seeing as I hate vegetables of all kinds. Yes, even carrots. And salad. And tomatoes, even though they are a fruit.

Oh, and totally check out Leonard Nimoy’s book. Looking at fat nudity is so empowering.

That’s all folks.


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