Tickled Ass

I went out on Christmas Eve with a former client. We exchanged gifts, and she knew that I had been in a car accident in the summer of 2006. Always thoughtful about the gifts she gives people, she gave me one of those full back chair massage things, the kind people always sit on when waiting in line for hours at Walgreens to get a prescription filled.

It’s been in my car since I got it, because I don’t quite have the appropriate chair to use it with at my home. So I brought it in to work. I thought it was a shame it didn’t have a car charger adapter, otherwise I’d use it while driving, especially as it’s heated and that’s nice this time of year.

I unpackaged it, and it appears it does have a car charger, which is fucking brilliant. If and when I go on a road trip, it will definitely accompany me.

Currently I am sitting on it here at my desk, using the heat setting and the lower back massage settings. It’s massaging my ass, actually. I’ve just started this job not quite a month ago, and I wonder what my co-workers think of me now that I am using a chair vibrator on my ass. I have realized, I don’t actually give a fuck.


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