Pins and Needles

My sister and I apparently are still not speaking. That is fine; we are house sitting for N’s mom, so I have two week’s reprieve from my relatives’ drama, and N’s housemates’ drama, and I can pretend I actually live somewhere, which is peaceful. I celebrated by actually unpacking and folding clothes and putting things away. All of this because I cannot bear to spend one night not in the same bed as N.

I am singing the praises of acupuncture. I had my third session today, and I always feel good after the needles are in. I have discovered, through acupunture, that my liver is sore. I worry about my liver quite a bit, as I am convinced all the medications I take to keep my mania and depression at bay, and to thwart the throbbing migraines I suffer from weekly are poisoning me slowly. I took an Imitrex yesterday at work, and felt the familiar crush on my heart and tension in my shoulders that the drug provides. Standing up after a dose brings nausea, and I simply want to collapse. I fear migraine prevention will lead me to cardiac arrest; each pill feels like a chemically-induced heart attack, and I am loathe to take one, but I am loathe to suffer from a migraine for weeks at a time, either.

The acupuncturist poked me hard on my right side, in the liver, asking me if it hurt, directly after asking me if the Imitrex I took had knocked me out hard yesterday. Indeed it had, and indeed the rib jab hurt mightily. She corresponded with alternating pokes in the ankles and ribs, until she found the exact right spot in my lower right leg that made my upper right torso stop hurting, and she put several needles there, and a few in my right arm for good measure.

I cried a little at the shift in energy, being so sensitive to those sorts of things. It’s funny how people become accustomed to pain until they don’t have it anymore. It’s nice to realize that your body can feel healthy again in such a short amount of time. The reduction of pain in my liver led to me being able to fill my lungs with air fully. I was able to breathe better again, and I left not having the symptoms of asthma I came in with.

I go in next week for another treatment. My liver still feels OK. I am still breathing well. The light above my desk is potentially triggering another migraine, but soon I will leave here and not worry about that anymore.


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